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band & artist services

recording & Mixing

Perform in a fun, relaxed, acoustically treated and professional atmosphere with the guidance and assistance of producer Tom Watson while he records your performance in full HD audio (24bit 96khz) using our high end equipment and his 15 years experience in recording and production.



Final mix services

Hire renowned engineer Tom Watson to mix your song(s) recorded elsewhere to a reference track of your choice. Online and attended sessions are available at Current Sound. Or hire Tom Watson to mix or produce at another studio of your choice. $450* per day (*within Australia + travel costs.)




We can master your song(s) to a reference song of your choice. Rates include a DDP image and/or Red Book audio master CD. A DDPi eliminates possible errors associated with pressing from an audio master CD. We can allocate and tag ISRCs, barcodes and CDtext to your DDPi/Audio CD.


Our Mastering Money Back Guarantee... Since we will master to a reference track of your choice, we are convinced that you will be 100% satisfied with your master(s) by the end of the session. If you're not, you don't have to pay. We master for international record labels such as System Recordings in New York. We have more experience than our competitors and take the care and time needed to get you the sound that you deserve.

Corporate Rates

Radio Advertising Bundle

$295ex for a commercial with up to 3 variations (e.g. Next Saturday, This Saturday, Tonight) using one of our experienced professional voice over artists. Contact us for more information.





IVR Recording

On hold and welcome messages to suit your business, recorded, produced and prepared for your IVR. Fixed quotes available. We have a variety of professional voice over artists to suit your requirements.





Corporate Recording

Our hourly corporate recording rate is $80ex per hour (3 hr min/$240ex) plus voice over artist fees (if required). We have the experience required for your recording. Some of our previous clients include Samsung, Tiger Beer, The Stamford Grand, Cadbury, South Australian Electoral Commission.

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Solo Artist Services (Detailed)

Electronic Music Production

Music producer, Tom Watson, a trained pop pianist and producer with over 15 years experience, can produce an entire backing track for you so all you need to do is sing or rap. We even have a team of established songwriters available if you have the talent and the budget for it. Tom Watson has produced styles from commercial top 40 pop, through to hiphop, dance, commercial dance/pop, rnb as well as more underground genres such as dubstep, house, Miami/Ibiza house, electro, dancehall, trance and many more. Tom can emulate a specific sound/style or genre or combine a few genres of styles to come up with something unique for yourself. Some of his previous clients include; DJ Scandalous, Transparent, Naya Marie.

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Backing Re-creation

Tom Watson can re-create entire productions by ear for the purposes of avoiding paying mechanics to the label for use of the original version or creating instrumentals for songs which the instrumental is hard to obtain. (Permission from the publisher(s) will still be required).




Remix Work

Need some remixes for a single or want us to remix your original song and make it better? Tom Watson can remix your song to your vision, specifications and genre. Or at your request, we can create a unique remix to suit your song at fixed price of $5000 AUD per remix.




Production With Session Musos

Most singers and solo artists will opt for electronic music production but if you want to be the next Pink or just have something a bit more rockier to suit your style we can organise live session musicians to come into the studio and create a backing for you.




Pop Piano and Synth Tuition

For a select few, Tom Watson does offer one on one Pop Piano and Synth lessons as well as songwriting tuition. Contact us to see if any times are available.




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